Examples of Title IX Violations

What are Examples of Title IX Violations?

Educational institutions - both public K-12 schools and universities – that receive federal funding must follow Title IX rules that work to address discrimination and other similar issues that impact students and faculty. Many of these title ix mattershave become major news headlines over recent years.

examples of Title IX violations:

  • Sexual Violence – A common Title IX issue on college campuses is sexual assault and misconduct. including sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual coercion, inappropriate touching or unwanted sexual contact, and aggressive and/or physical sexual advances.
  • Sexual Harassment – Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination based on sex. Including unwanted sexual advances or behaviors, unwanted physical or verbal sexual conduct, sexually suggestive conversations, stalking, intimidation, or otherwise harassing someone and interfere with his/her academic rights.
  • Retaliation – If a student files a Title IX complaint and receives negative consequences, disciplinary measures, or increased harassment because of it, this action is considered retaliation. Students may seek further damages and protections from schools retaliating against them.

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