Our firm advises individuals accused of violating Title IX and their institution’s Code of Conduct. Over the years, we have achieved numerous successes on our clients’ behalf. With this experience under our belts, we are prepared to represent you in your case. See what our past clients have to say about their experiences working with Parisi, Coan & Saccocio, PLLC.

  • Your legal expertise, guidance, and support were invaluable during what was an incredibly stressful time for me.
    I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the outstanding job you did defending me. Your legal expertise, guidance, and support were invaluable during what was an incredibly stressful time for me. Your attention to detail, professionalism, and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure a favorable outcome was truly sublime. I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you put into my case. Your hard work and dedication have made a significant difference in my life, and I am forever grateful.

    - J.C.

  • Your expertise on this matter, professionalism, and dedication to the work far exceeded our expectations

    I wanted to express [my] extreme gratitude for all the help you have provided me... [T]his case has been extremely stressful, frustrating and hurtful, and it has left [me] feeling completely helpless... It was a massive stroke of luck for me to have found you and an even greater blessing when you agreed to work on my case. From our interactions throughout this process, it is abundantly clear that not only would I have been grossly unequipped to handle this case on [my] own, but also that your expertise on this matter, professionalism, and dedication to the work far exceeded our expectations and, most likely, what many other lawyers could have provided. You have not only guided us legally, taught us so much from your approach to the case, but you have also given me the opportunity to finally put this matter to rest… I am so appreciative of all the time and effort you put into [the case]…

    - E.L.

  • I can’t thank you enough for your service

    The moment I first spoke with Mr. Saccocio, immediately I knew he is the right person to advise me because of his knowledge and readiness to begin working with me. Mr. Saccocio was readily available for consults as if I was his only client and answered my endless questions from beginning to end. He is very honest with what to expect, what can happen next, and is prepared to navigate each and every path the course of the investigation goes. This made me feel a sense of security about the situation because it felt like we were in control and that everything will be okay. I felt comfortable sharing personal information with Mr. Saccocio at all times. After months of fighting this case, the sexual assault allegations were dismissed. Patrick, I can’t thank you enough for your service and advising me through this investigation process. None of this could have been possible without your help!

    - R.C.

  • Patrick gave me my future and my dignity back

    My case started in March of 2018, and my family did not bring on Patrick until June 2018. Right away you could tell that working with Patrick was going to be different than anyone else we had talked to. One thing that was pretty consistent with the other attorneys we had spoken with was they all asked what exactly we wanted them to do. Having never been in this situation we didn’t know what to tell them, but with Patrick it was very different. From the beginning he knew exactly what to do and worked relentlessly throughout the entire case. Patrick was always available to us. We felt like we were his only client. Working all day on the 4th of July, weekends and late into the evenings. Because of the allegations I was charged with I was going through a very stressful time in my life; whenever I spoke to Patrick he always sounded confident as if we were in control, this helped me through this time a great deal. Because of his work I was found Not Responsible for the allegations being charged against me. Patrick did more for me than allow me to go back to school, he gave me my future and my dignity back. I know I was innocent, but in Title IX that does not always determine the outcome. Patrick truly changed my life. Before hiring Patrick we had 17 attorneys tell us that I didn’t have a chance because alcohol was involved. I am thankful for the opportunity to have worked with Patrick and am forever grateful for all he and his team did for me.

    - J.M.

  • Patrick Saccocio is the best choice for an attorney for those seeking legal assistance in Title IX cases
    Patrick Saccocio is an excellent and experienced attorney in Title IX cases and employment law. I work as staff at a university and was accused of violating the university’s sexual misconduct policy by a fellow employee, who had been bullying me and trying to get me terminated. Patrick was highly knowledgeable in the law and able to immediately determine that what occurred didn’t come close to the accepted definitions of sexual harassment or a hostile work environment. Working with him, I always felt confident and secure, which helped me tremendously when my work environment and the circumstances around the investigation felt unfair and scary. With his help, the outcome of the case was favorable and my work environment improved significantly. I strongly recommend Patrick Saccocio as the best choice for an attorney for those seeking legal assistance in Title IX cases or employment law issues.

    - S. A.

  • I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to assist me.
    I would like to say thank you for the amazing work you did for me. I knew very little about the situation I had been put in. You not only informed me about every step, but also went above and beyond to analyze the case and assist me … You were always available whether it be a weekday or weekend, which helped a great deal due to my busy schedule. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to assist me given my situation! Thank you again for all the help!

    - N. D.

  • My family and I are relieved beyond words.

    From my first call with Patrick, I was impressed with his knowledge of both the formal and informal investigation processes. A lot of other attorneys that I spoke to would use ambiguous terms, but Patrick’s intricate knowledge of Title IX Procedures was immediately evident. This translated to an extremely thorough review of my situation and my school’s specific procedures, all while he and his associate gracefully dealt with my heightened anxiety and seemingly endless questions. Patrick was prompt in communications, always accessible, and most importantly, helped me defend myself in a way that would eventually see the case get dismissed altogether. For anyone who is considering getting a Title IX advisor, just stop your search here – my family and I are relieved beyond words and we cannot possibly recommend Patrick highly enough.

    - A.J.

  • Mr. Saccocio genuinely cared and wanted nothing but the best for me
    When I called Mr.Saccocio, I had already been suspended from school for seven semesters, exhausted all of my appeals, and was unable to get into any other school that I applied for due to the suspension notation on my transcript. I called multiple attorneys seeking help and out of all of them, Mr.Saccocio stood out to me. As I was explaining my current situation to him, he was able to immediately discern what the university had done and the options I had as if he already had thorough knowledge of my case. After retaining Mr. Saccocio, he immediately started working on my case. Every time I would call, he would answer. If for some reason he was ever unable to, he would call back promptly. He always knew all of the details of my case, making me feel like I was his only client. Most importantly, he made me feel that even when I hadn’t been in contact with him, I knew that he was constantly working on my case. I could tell that Mr.Saccocio genuinely cared and wanted nothing but the best for me in this unfavorable situation. I am happy to say that in four months of retaining Mr. Saccocio, he was able to negotiate a resolution that has placed me back in school, restored my financial aid fully, and has made my return to school as seamless as possible. Before I had Mr. Saccocio, I didn’t know the direction my life was headed in. Now, my future is clear to me and it is very bright. Thanks to Mr.Saccocio, my education has been restored and I can pursue anything I want to. Patrick Saccocio will get your life back on track!

    - A.R.

  • [My son] can now get back on track with his degree and his life.
    I don’t know how to thank you for assisting in getting [my son] readmitted to [his institution]. This has been a long, hellacious road for him, and knowing that he had learned people like you in his corner was a huge comfort to all of us. He can now get back on track with his degree and his life. Many, many thanks…

    - C.H.