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Title IX cases require thoughtful legal advice that covers all the legal issues associated with Title IX law and the student misconduct disciplinary process, especially when considering potential criminal charges. It is important to have experienced legal counsel licensed to practice law in the state where the matters arise.

A licensed attorney in the state where the alleged student misconduct took place will ensure that the student receives important and complete legal advice and counseling. The student must understand that the protections of attorney-client confidentiality will not apply to non-lawyer Title IX “advisors” made available by the institution. This is incredibly important when the student is sharing information about their Title IX case that may be the focus of a criminal investigation/prosecution or a potential civil claim. (Visit our FAQ Page for more information about Title IX).

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What are Your Rights Under Title IX?

Under Title IX, Students and employees have rights that protect them from:

  • gender discrimination,
  • sexual harassment,
  • and unlawful retaliation.
Title IX also goes on to protect students who are also parents. For example if the school provides services for mother-daughter relationships than they must provide those same services for father-son relationships as well.

What Our Title IX Lawyers Can Assist You With:

  • ​Understanding your school’s student misconduct policies and process.
  • Reviewing all charges and allegations made against you.

  • Explaining the consequences (direct and collateral) of the charges made against you and the potential outcomes.

  • Explaining your rights under your school’s student misconduct code; Title IX and/or the Clery Act and The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) amendments to the Clery Act as well as rights under the United States’ Constitution and your states’ constitution.

  • Assisting in the preparation of a full defense of the alleged misconduct including coordinating any private investigation into the facts and circumstances of your case.

  • Participating in, to the full extent permitted, any hearing or investigation undertaken by your school.

  • Assistance with achieving a negotiated disposition, if appropriate.

  • Counsel and coordinate between the student misconduct investigation and any current or potential criminal investigation or prosecution. Attorney Patrick Saccocio is admitted to practice law in the states of Arizona, California, Massachusetts, New York, and Texas. Attorney Gerard Parisi is admitted to practice law in the states of New York and North Carolina. Attorney Anthony Saccocio is admitted in the states of New York, Minnesota, and North Dakota.

  • Counsel as to the potential civil claims that could potentially be associated with the student misconduct investigation or determination.

  • Advocate your cause before your school’s Title IX investigator, Title IX coordinator and/or any student misconduct disciplinary panel or official.

  • Advocate to ensure that you receive the full due process rights and/or institutionally promised rights that you are entitled to under law.

  • Advocate to ensure that you are afforded all rights granted under United States Department of Education Title IX regulations, Office for Civil Rights (OCR) “Guidance Letters” and documents, the Clery Act and VAWA amendment.

  • Assist in the preparation of any appeals sought or imposed in conjunction with student misconduct disciplinary proceeding results and determinations.

  • Discuss and consult concerning legal options available to pursue in the event of an adverse determination.

Who We Represent

At Parisi, Coan & Saccocio, PLLC, we will represent anyone who believes that their rights have been violated under Title IX, such as:

  • Student Defendants
  • Students who bring a claim
  • Faculty & Staff Members
  • Coaches, Players, & More

Choosing Parisi, Coan & Saccocio, PLLC

Our firm is familiar with the societal and political trends and movements that have created the current college and university disciplinary system as pertains to allegations of student on student sexual harassment/sexual assault claims, dating/domestic violence claims, and stalking claims. We follow the evolution of the laws, regulations, and “guidances”, proposed changes to those laws, regulations, and “guidances”, and keep well-informed of the demands of activist organizations on all sides of the issue to ensure you the best representation possible.

Attorney Patrick Saccocio is a trial attorney who is experienced in representing those charged criminally with alleged acts of dating/domestic violence, those charged with violating federal and state anti-discrimination laws (Title VII and state equivalent), and is experienced in both state and federal court practice.

Parisi, Coan & Saccocio, PLLC does not condone any form of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating or domestic violence. Nor does Parisi, Coan & Saccocio, PLLC condone unfair and unjust investigations or tribunals that deprive accused persons of fundamental due process rights. We are lawyers who protect your rights and demand that any system that adjudicates accused persons does so in a fair, unbiased and transparent manner.

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